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media list - march 2023

[2023/03/04] BRAZIL

ive recently seen it brought up more than once so i was curious, terry gilliam being director and its dystopian setting means this is absolutely unique, immersive and interesting to just look at but also its story Fucked Me Up

[2023/03/04] DARIA

i started watching this and its episodic so im not gonna wait til im done to talk about it

uh this shows pretty cosy . well written . i think its more known for being relatable but i personally dont relate i just enjoy its identity as a show so far


i keep forgetting to add albums here

its hard not to feel biased about red vox as a vinesauce fan but i promise this band's music is just consistently impressive, each new release reliably has somethin good and this is no exception

[2023/03/07] HAPPY END (their full discog on spotify)

idk how i didnt hear about this sooner! its a band including eiichi ohtaki AND haruomi hosono n they play some beatles-ass late 60s early 70s rock with some huge good vibes. all around just a super good time to listen to


listen to me this is the best anime i ever dang saw not only does it have legit artistic spirit rooted within its plot but the characters and environment design are so so great

PLUS it inspired me to draw - which media does Not do often. i could say so much about it but really outta the like 5 or 6 anime series i've watched in my lifetime this is by far my favourite and i've seen some Pretty good ones


it's like if bob's burgers was a movie

i havent seen Too much of the series but i have caught enough to know what's up here and like man this is so endearing . shit's down to earth n this movie has all of what i like about the series AND with good ass animation too?!

i guess everyone's already said it but this series has a family that actually doesn't hate each others' guts making for just some really genuine and heartful interactions between them and other characters. this movie has all of that genuineness and encapsulates it pretty well, go watch it!

[2023/03/19] FANTASIA

i watched this as research for my kingdom hearts video project!

it's so wild how a movie can grasp my attention with exclusively music and high quality animation . like what's up with that . this shit's gorgeous and timeless, but wanes a little with the dinosaur stuff somewhere in the middle.

[2023/03/23] THE MUPPET MOVIE

a rewatch of an all-timer. i cried at the first song. fellas it really doesn't get much better than this

this movie is basically perfect and i just got in the mood to rewatch it since i haven't in a while, but Dear Lord paul williams' songwriting hit me especially hard right in the gut this time round and i dont really know why

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